The Bloody Spur
Mr Angel Comes Aboard
Red-Headed Sinners

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Last Chance Acre by Maitland Scott
Officer Mike Callahan wanted to prove to the scoffers at headquarters that a family man has special ...
This Murder's On Me by C S Montanye
When Johnny and his heart-throb Libby see the shooting of Mrs. Haviland, it puts them in line for de...
Death Brings Down the House by Larry Holden
Once again the name Binnie Bailey was up in lights. Once more applause filled the theater. But sudde...

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Review of "He Won't Need It Now" by: Larry
Classic pulp fiction, I suppose. Full of hard drinking, mindless violence, gangsters, misogyny, and ...
Review of "Red-Headed Sinners" by: Larry
I found this to be decent enough pulp fiction. Quality literature this is not. Even the publishers a...
Review of "Solomon's Vineyard" by:
Jonathan Latimer is best known for his screwball comedy mysteries starring private eye William Crane...
Review of "CASSIDY'S GIRL" by:
Not really a detective or mystery novel, this is more slice-of-life. It\'s a short, fast read, a pap...
Review of "Bird Cagey" by:
Origin story for P.I. Willie Klump, unfortunately the e-text is slightly garbled - whole paragraphs ...

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